One Hearts COVID-19 Policy

One Heart Training takes the health and safety of our staff, and the individuals we serve, very seriously.

Our top priority is to ensure that we create a safe learning environment for our employees and students. During the current pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want to assure our community that One Heart Training continues to maintain the ability to safely deliver engaging and effective safety training to communities across Saskatchewan.

Employee Responsibilities for COVID-19

One Heart Training employees are following the recommendations outlined by the World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada and the Saskatchewan Health Authority and encourage all individuals in our community to do the same.

These recommendations include employee hygiene guidelines, such as:

  • Regular and thorough hand washing;
  • Covering of the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing;
  • Adhering to physical distancing guidelines by keeping two metres (six feet) apart from others when away from home;
  • Staying at home and seeking direction from a public health professional if showing signs of illness.

Any One Heart Training employees who are not feeling well will be staying home and not engaging in any customer-facing interactions.

One Heart Training employees are also following all relevant protocols related to travel outside of Canada. Anyone who has recently travelled internationally will be self-isolating, in accordance with directives from public health agencies.

Student Responsibilities for COVID-19

Students will not be permitted to attend classes if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness. Should a student become ill while attending a class, they will be required to leave immediately and re-book.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask/face covering for the full duration of any One Heart Training course. This applies to students and employees. Students will be reminded of respiratory etiquette and proper hand hygiene at the beginning of each course.

Individual students will be assigned workstations with the required supplies that will not be shared with other students during the class. Students will be asked to sanitize their workstation including manikins, floor mats and additional equipment before and after use. This includes any of their personal items such as cellular phones, tablets, etc.

*workstations and equipment will be cleaned after class by staff, having students clean the equipment is an additional level of sanitization.

All participants MUST perform proper hand hygiene frequently throughout the day and are required to maintain physical distancing at all times. Anyone disregarding this requirement will be asked to leave the course.

Course Participation

While One Heart Training is continuing to offer in-class training for registered students, we are ensuring that the health and safety of our customers are top priority. We are following the COVID-19 safety guidelines and public health directives outlined by the World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada and the Saskatchewan Health Authority and make required changes as needed.

We have implemented several modifications in our training facilitation and delivery, including:

  • The practical skill components for the First Aid/CPR courses have been modified to adhere to the guidelines set out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Students will be completing all skill exercises either on themselves or on a provided manikin.
  • Where practical skill requirements have been reduced, additional videos, lectures or class discussions are required to ensure students have comprehended the skills required.
  • Instructors will only demonstrate skills on themselves or manikins.
  • Instructors will supervise practical skills from a central location in the room and will maintain physical distance requirements.
  • The instructor is responsible to ensure that the physical distancing is being maintained in the classroom.
  • Disposable face shields/barrier devices must be used for all rescue breathing practical exercises.
  • Instructors will remind students of proper hand hygiene, physical distancing requirements and respiratory etiquette.

If any students are uncomfortable with the classroom layout, session plan or any other aspect of training, they may leave the class and request a transfer to a class scheduled for a later date at no additional cost.

One Heart Training is continually updating our policies and procedures around COVID-19, based on the latest available evidence from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the World Health Organization and the Saskatchewan Health Authority, to keep the people we help and our employees safe. We appreciate all our student’s cooperation as we enforce these safety guidelines.